Carchie Hydrophobic Mirror Film


    Carchie Hydrophobic Mirror Film
    Carchie Hydrophobic Mirror Film

    Carchie Hydrophobic Mirror Film

    Carchie Hydrophobic Mirror Film

    Have a safe journey while driving in bad weather.

    Have a safe journey by using Carchie Hydrophobic Mirror Film to ensure a clear vision on the road.

    eeps your side mirrors perfectly clear and is safe on the road no matter how bad the weather is. The hydrophobic technology is high transmittance that makes sure the surface is clear at all time. There are different size and shapes options to fit your car and helmet. Installation is easy which you can get it ready in a minute.

    Carchie Hydrophobic Mirror Film


    Clear & Safe:
    Protect the side mirrors from unwanted smears, such as dust and dirt, so as to keep them clear all the time to avert possible danger.

    Hydrophobic Technology:
    PET-Nano coating protective film with high transmittance,anti-fog,anti-glare,anti-mist,waterproof,rainproof.

    Far Light Protection: 
    Ensure your vision will not be blinded by other car’s far lights.

    Universal design for all types of car, SUV, truck, moto, helmet etc., which fits all standard size of side mirrors.

    Oval: Recommended for cars with small side mirrors.

    Square: Suitable for SUVs, Pickup Trucks, Vans and other vehicles with large side mirrors.

    Helmet format: Anti-rain and anti-fog for you to have a clear vision through the helmet.

    Easy Installation:
    Squirt a little water on the mirror, then install the antifogging film on the rearview mirror. Flatten it. Finally, tear off the film without any worries.

    Carchie Hydrophobic Mirror Film

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