Bumper Boat | Portable Personal Watercraft


Portable Personal Watercraft
Bumper Boat | Portable Personal Watercraft

Bumper Boat | Portable Personal Watercraft(Including inflator, motor and assembly parts)

The Boat That Goes With You

Innovative, patented design

Light-weight, durable & super portable

Weighs less than most carry-on luggage

Take it anywhere in your car, SUV, or pickup

Simple to assemble, sets up in minutes

No need to hassle with boat landings

Launch from shore, dock, beach or boat

It’s Fun. It’s Practical. It’s Yours

Provides hours of fun for kids and adults

Navigate hard-to-reach or shallow areas

Quiet operation for duck hunting

Fishing, recreation, sight-seeing… you name it

PLUS, it makes a great bumper boat!

This extremely unique portable and personal bumper boat is everything you need this summer. The ‘GoBoat’ is a light weight watercraft which can be set up in minutes. It’s perfect for fishing and hunting. And also you can use this bumper boat for endless battles of bumping with your friends on the lake. The Go Boat weights less than most of your carry-on luggage and can fit in the trunk of your car. So you can carry around the portable bumper boat wherever you go.

Portable Personal Watercraft

This unique bumper boat must be the perfect alternative for kayaks and canoes. It gives more freedom and comfort while solo fishing or outdoor hunting. It has a maximum speed of 5 mph and the motors are very quiet. So it won’t affect your hunting and fishing activities. This personal boat is suitable for both kids and adults to have endless hours of fun on the lake. The boat uses easy to assemble plastic parts, so you can easily build the boat by yourself. And it doesn’t require and tools to assemble.

This personal watercraft weights only 57 lbs. So you can easily transport the inflatable bumper boat and inflate it when you get to your destination. Unlike other normal fishing boats and kayaks, it doesn’t require any landing and launching place. You can simply throe the boat into the water to messing around the lake.  The body of the boat has a comfortable seating area for single person. And it also has the storage space for a snacks, battery, drinks, fishing gear or hunting gear.

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