Brielle™ Coloring Shampoo


Brielle™ Coloring Shampoo
Brielle™ Coloring Shampoo

Brielle™ Coloring Shampoo

SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER Hair Dyeing Solution at Home!
Brielle™ Coloring Shampoo INSTANTLY intensifies your hair color while cleansing and conditioning with every wash. Formulated with natural ingredients, try a trendy new look while making your hair healthier!
Brielle™ Coloring ShampooYour hair dyeing process are combined into one, without sacrificing any color vibrance, silkiness, or level of clean.  Just CLEANSE, COLOR and CONDITION – then CHILL.


  • Wash Hair & Get a New Trendy Look:
    All you need to do is washing your hair as normal, and wait for 15mins, rinsing for perfect dyeing effect.
  • Ammonia-Free & Non-Toxic:
    Free from ammonia and other harmful synthetic chemicals to keep your hair healthy and safe from roots to tips.
  • Nourishing Ingredients:Repairs damaged hair, moisturizes hair follicles, and promotes hair growth as it colors your hair.
  • Quick Results: 
  • Color result appears in as early as 15-20 minutes depending on the color intensity that you want.
  • Long-Lasting Color:
    Shampoo deposits intense color that does not easily fade.
  • Easy To Apply:
    Foaming formulation lets you easily apply it to your hair like how you do with a normal shampoo.

Brielle™ Coloring Shampoo


  • Mix Brielle™ Coloring Shampoo with Perfume Milk in a 1:1 ratio
  • Apply it on hair and wait for 10 minutes then rinse
  • Notice: for better result, please mix Brielle™ Coloring Shampoo with Perfume Milk when in use.
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