Breathable Squat-proof Anti Cellulite Legging

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    Breathable Squat-proof Anti Cellulite Legging

    These High-waisted, non-transparent, squat-proof leggings feature curved seams for increased shape and support.


    This Premium Breathable Leggings fits you perfectly and helps you correct the bow legs problem.

    Increases Blood Circulation. Octagonal mesh applies graduated compression to improveblood and lymph circulation, helps to tone your legs and burn fat .

    In order to  pull the knees to the rightposition HELPING the LEGS TO REALIGN with comfort.


      • Help solving O-type, X-type, Looped and Bow legs problem

      • Breathable, highly stretchy for comfortable wearing. Made from MICRO NYLON SPANDEX SUPER STRETCH MATERIAL (90% Nylon and 10% Elastane)

      • Combats unwanted dimpling & puckered, cellulite filled skin by ultra-compression knitting

      • Tightens & firms loose skin on thighs
      • High-waisted & thickened woven for mid section & tummy flattening control
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