Brake Bleeder Socket ( 2 pcs )


Brake Bleeder Socket (2 pcs)
Brake Bleeder Socket ( 2 pcs )

The Brake Bleeder Socket help to solve your car brake oil changing problem! Always leaking when you changing the car brake fluid? Carefully to connect the pipe to the brake caliper to avoid pop-out from it?

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The Brake Bleeder Socket is easily to attach and remove from the brake caliper. This can be easily complete the braking oil exchange. Moreover, it is not only to prevent the oil leaking, but also leave your place clean!

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  • Easy Operation – One person can complete the braking oil exchange.
  • Oil and Air Change – The oil and air can be quickly changed, so the exchange tool is easy to work.
  • Exquisite Appearance – The exchange tool has the exquisite appearance for comfortable using.
  • Effectively Repairing – The tool can effectively repair your car and make you earn money faster.
  • Suitable Vehicles – Suitable for cars, trucks and construction vehicles. (Small models can slowly pull out the screws)
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