BodyFresh™ Sugar Control Ring


    BodyFresh™ Sugar Control Ring
    BodyFresh™ Sugar Control Ring

    “This is my journey with the Blood Sugar Control Ring. It only took me around three weeks to get my blood sugar down to the optimal level. This ring is amazing, it literally saved my life!” -Janet Coswell, 48, Ohio-

    WEEK 1:

    BodyFresh™ Sugar Control Ring

    After 7 days of wearing the Blood Sugar Control Ring, I was in awe by how quick and dramatic the effects were. The slight appetite suppression was a welcomed side effect. I couldn’t believe it–I had only 3 days with little high blood sugar level in my first week (Normally I have at least 5 days to 11mmol/L)!

    WEEK 2:
    BodyFresh™ Sugar Control Ring

    After 14 days of wearing, I clearly had more energy and focus than ever before. I kid you not – I barely had any blood sugar surge after meals. After just 14 days, I felt very confident that this ring was the real deal.

    WEEK 3:

    BodyFresh™ Sugar Control Ring

    After 21 days, all my doubts were gone and I was officially a believer! I was 100% within the normal range of blood sugar level in the last week. With this ringI was able to completely stabalize my blood sugar level!

    The healthcare breakthrough – Blood Sugar Control Ring

    If you’ve been struggling with controlling your blood sugar, you’re not alone.

    The good news is that there’s a new solution on the market that can help you deal with the problem: the Blood Sugar Control Ring.

    The Blood Sugar Control Ring uses neodymium magnets to create a magnetic field that regulates your body’s blood sugar levels. This field interacts with your body and helps to regulate hormone production, which in turn affects your metabolism and blood flow.

    BodyFresh™ Sugar Control Ring
    It works through non-invasive magnetic acupressure therapy (MATS), which means that it’s a completely natural way of addressing your blood sugar problems without having to take any medication or undergo surgery. In fact, MATS has been shown to be more effective than traditional methods of regulating blood sugar levels by up to 50%.

    Your health is important—and so is finding a solution that works for you! The Blood Sugar Control Ring is an innovative way of taking control of your health, so give it a try today!

    What is Magnetic Acupressure Therapy (MATS)?

    BodyFresh™ Sugar Control Ring

    Magnetic therapy is a medical practice that uses static (i.e. unmoving) magnets to treat health concerns. Therapeutic magnets are typically integrated into bracelets, rings, or shoe inserts. Our rings consist of the rare earth Neodymium which is the strongest magnet and the best for magnetic acupressure therapy.

    Why Neodymium?

    A Quadrapolar Q Magnet is a multipolar (i.e., Quadrapolar on one side) static magnet made of the highest quality rare earth neodymium magnetic material with a 1.35 Tesla or 13,500 Gauss rating at its strongest point and Energy Product of 45 MGOe (N45). The name Quadrapolar comes from the four alternating poles on the one face of the magnet.

    How does Blood Sugar Control Ring work?

    BodyFresh™ Sugar Control Ring

    Blood Sugar Control Ring is a revolutionary insulin-regulating device that uses magnetic acupressure technology to increase the body’s metabolic rate and improve pancreas output of insulin. The magnetic field produced by this ring can significantly affect deep blood vessels and arteries, regulate circulation, promote metabolism, reduce blood viscosity and increase blood flow through venules and capillaries. This leads to better sugar absorption and cell energy intake, which results in lower blood sugar levels over time.

    How to use

    Put on any fingers at all times for best results.

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