BioMax™️ – 3in1 Laser Comb Regrowth Thickening System

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BioMax™️ - 3in1 Laser Comb Regrowth Thickening System
BioMax™️ – 3in1 Laser Comb Regrowth Thickening System

Tired of Thinning, Balding & Hair Shedding? 

As the Months Go by do You Notice your Hair Looks a Little Thinner?

Are You Seeing Hair Fall out More in the Shower?

Are Bald Spots Starting to Appear?

Introducing the Biomax 

Finally, A Permanent Hair Loss Solution that Works Fast, & Doesn’t Include Expensive Surgery, Hormone Altering Drugs, or Wigs.

The TRUTH Behind Why Almost 1 in 3 Men Experience Hair Loss. 

Backed by decades of research, we know the major cause of hair-loss and thinning is the binding of the dihydro-testosterone hormone (DHT) to the hair follicle. For years, doctors recommended killing the production of this hormone in the body with drugs.

Why Traditional Hair-Loss Prevention Routines DON’T WORK. 

The DHT Hormone is responsible for many bodily functions including: sex drive, feelings of well being, muscle mass, and stress regulation. Eliminating DHT isn’t guaranteed to make your hair grow back, and it leads to you feeling and looking worse.

Why Our System Delivers Results FAST. 

We use Three Scientific Principles to Stop Hair Loss and Rejuvenate your Hair FAST.

1) Blood Flow to the Scalp  – The presence of nutrients in the blood stimulate & enrich the follicle – forcing it to stay open, and even re open previously closed follicles.

2) Advanced Laser Therapy – has been shown to draw out the DHT hormone as well as amplify the blood flow already generated from the Bristles! When the DHT is unbounded from the Hair Follicle, your hair will Grow Strong and Free!

3) Scalp Elasticity – As you brush your hair, the accumulative effect over the weeks stretches your scalp and makes it more malleable. We work out our muscles to make them stronger, so why not our Scalp as well? The increased stretch on the scalp ensures blood flows to the scalp while you go about your day. This keeps the newly rejuvenated Hair Follicles OPEN.

The Routine we Recommend for Maximum Growth (See Results in 4 Weeks!!) : 

Weeks 1-2: Brush 15 minutes, once a day, and take every 3rd day off to let your scalp rest and grow back stronger. Apply Our NutraBurst Formula, or any other essential hair oil at the end of each session to help give your scalp maximum nutrient recruitment.

Weeks 3-4: Brush 20 minutes, twice a day, and take every 4th day off. This is the induced stress phase where we challenge the scalp to grow. Apply NutraBurst Formula after the last session everyday.

Week 5: Brush 20 minutes, twice a day, every day with no days off. Maximum stretch phase. Apply NutraBurst after the last session everyday.

Week 6+: Brush 10-15 minutes once a day. Now that the Scalp has been introduced, adapted, and super compensated to the laser hair treatment, this is enough to continue keeping the new hair you’ve grown, as well as stimulate new follicles to grow on your now conditioned scalp.

Note – Customers Have Seen Up to 25% More Hairs when using NutraBurst Formula.

Whats in the Box: 

While Our NutraBurst formula is not necessary (Any Essential Hair Oil will do), Our Formula makes it easy since it’s pre-packaged and ready to go! Ginseng, Ginger, and Grape seed Oil all work systematically together to repair and nourish your hair after each laser comb use!

Get up to 25% more hair follicle stimulation & Maximize Your Results! 

**We Strongly Recommend 2 months of Continued NutraBurst Use to Maximize Results 

While Results are not Typical and cannot be guaranteed due to the various factors affecting hair loss, check out some of our reviews below! 

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