Beauty Glitter Platinum Nail Gel


Beauty Glitter Platinum Nail Gel
Beauty Glitter Platinum Nail Gel

Make your nails shine like diamonds!

Bring your nail art to the next level by adding extra bling & sparkles with this Beauty Glitter Platinum Nail Gel!

Create flashy & salon-quality manicure designs at home that will surely be a head-turner no matter what season.
Beauty Glitter Platinum Nail Gel

Make those fingertips pop with any shimmering shade that’s perfect for any style and personality! Suitable for natural, acrylic, UV nails, etc.


✔ Striking Beautiful Glitter: Yields high-quality mirror shine platinum finish that elevates the nail design experience.
Beauty Glitter Platinum Nail Gel✔ Smooth & Lightweight Coat: The nail gel is comfortable to wear and odor-free. You only need a thin layer of nail gel to achieve the striking glitter effect on your nails!

✔ Long-Lasting: It can last up to 3 weeks with proper application. In general, apply 2 to 3 thin layers to get a shiny effect.

✔ Easy to Apply & Remove: Apply thin coats to your nails after a base coat, cure with UV, and finish with a top clear coat. When removing, simply soak the nail gels with polish remover and easily pull it off.

✔ Suitable for Many Nails: Our platinum nail gel can be applied directly on natural nails, UV gel nails, fake nails, acrylic nails, nail tips, etc.
Beauty Glitter Platinum Nail Gel

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