Apus Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband


Apus Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband

Improve your blood circulation with our Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband

Apus Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband

”I used to put unnecessary stress on myself to lose weight. It really made me anxious and rattled all the time. My friend recommended this product to me. A few weeks of wearing it had brought significant changes to my body. It decreased my appetite and lessened the oil absorption of my body and two months later, I feel so much at ease and have lost 2 sizes!”

Colton Foster, Spokane, Washington


Apus Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband

“I lost a significant amount of weight. Usually, when I try cutting the pounds, I feel at ease.  I was able to lose several kilograms in a week with the Ion Titanium Wristband whereas before it would take me months to reduce the same amount! My overall health increased due to its detoxifying effect. I’ve been using this Apus Wristband for almost a month now and I can’t believe I was able to resist the temptation of sweets and focus on losing weight. I feel stronger and more agile than before. I was able to slim down significantly and detoxify healthily! This is a thumbs up for me!”

Gretel Keller, Green Bay, Wisconsin


Apus Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband

Titaniumion therapy help disperse toxins by helping to remove waste from the bloodstream more quickly and promote relaxation by reducing pain and discomfort from any inflammation.

This therapy was founded in the 1970s by Michael Roy Davis, Ph.D., who studied the different effects that positive and negative charges have on human biology. It helps to decrease pain in the joints by removing lactic acid from these areas faster. TitaniumION therapy uses different kinds of magnets on the body to help boost your overall health. It may also help treat certain conditions.

How does the Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband work?

Apus Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband

In 2000, the founder Saeki Izanagi has thought about incorporating the TitaniumION therapy into a sports gear to improve the convenience and accessibility.

There is evidence shows that the Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband has weight loss benefits as exercise on our muscles and metabolism, and even claim by wearing Ion Therapeutic wristband could help blast away fat cells.

Apus Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband

This Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband contains a minute but dominant negative ION that remarkably break down 60+% fats from body.

What Makes the Apus Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband be your GOOD CHOICE?

Apus Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Expels unnecessary waste
  • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids
  • Resolves Fat Tissue Buildup and Weight Gain
  • Clears, Purifies and Flushes out the Lymphatic System of Toxins
  • Cure lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes a detox cleanse
  • Relieves swelling on body par


Here is Elvira’s 12-week body transformation by wearing our Apus Ion Therapeutic Titanium Wristband


The first few days were quite overwhelming because I noticed that it has improved my energy and it slowly is diminishing my cellulite and flabs. Never knew that this kind of Ion Therapeutic Titanium Wristband existed and I enjoy my time wearing it because it is a fashionable one. Will be buying more of this.


On the 8th week of wearing this Wristband, I lost a great amount of fats especially in the belly area. 35 kilos of heaviness down the drain. The key is consistency and determination that you will be able to transform your body with the help of this bracelet. For the first time, I felt how it is to move around lighter than ever. I don’t easily feel tired anymore and it was indeed nice to go shopping for new clothes with smaller sizes than what I used to wear. What a wonderful change!


After 12 weeks, I lost around 60 kilos! Alongside that, my skin was able to catch up with the rapid weight loss transformation. Now, my skin doesn’t sag like most people do when they rapidly lose weight and the Wristband provides a constant style which keeps my skin looking smooth and healthy! This is truly a life changing moment for me and for the rest of my family since I was able to do a lifestyle change towards a healthier future!

Elvira Brandon, Fayetteville, North Carolina

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