Anxiety Relieving Enamel Fidget Ring


    Anxiety Relieving Enamel Fidget Ring
    Anxiety Relieving Enamel Fidget Ring

    Show your love to your Granddaughter with this amazing best selling ring featuring an emotional & beautiful giftcard. Your Granddaughter will absolutely love it!

    Anxiety Relieving Enamel Fidget Ring

    Sweet message Reads:
    Whenever you feel anxious, just keep this ring near.
    It can drive away your anxiety.
    This is a reminder that i will love & protect you from anything you fear.

    Keep your loving words at their side forever.

    This is one of our unique anxiety spinner rings. They are designed as anti anxiety rings by providing a focus point to calm the mind down. Science has proven that focusing in this manner can calm the mind and relief anxiety in the worst moments. Sometimes all it takes is a little fidget beads ring.


    • Let your Granddaughter know you love her. Our beautiful rings are the perfect way to express your everlasting love.
    • No tarnishing ever & no ugly marks! Our ring are crafted from high quality materials . They will never tarnish or fade, they will never leave any black or green marks and they will never cause any allergy or redness. They are beautiful, of very quality and also the best price on the market.
    • Ring Size: ADJUSTABLE SIZE – One Size Fits All. The rings band is designed slightly open on the backside and can be gently adjusted to fit any finger. The pictures might not show this so clearly, but not to worry, the ring size can be adjusted, when you receive it. This is the perfect solution for a gift, as you can keep it a complete secret & be confident the ring fits perfectly!


    • Material: 316L Stainless steel. Stronger and more durable. Won’t fade, tarnish, corrode or stain. It’s the cuff bracelet that lasts lifetimes!
    • Quality: Brand new, high quality. Nickel-free. Won’t cause allergic reactions. 100% in harmony with your wrist.
    • Size:  Adjustable Size – One Size Fits All.
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