Air Layering Plant Boxes (3PCS)

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Air Layering Plant Boxes (3PCS)
Air Layering Plant Boxes (3PCS)

Replant with branches to re-take roots quickly! No damage to parent plants!

Air Layering Plant Boxes (3PCS)

Air Layering Plant Boxes is plant saver which can revive another new life from cut branches of parent plants. Applying air layering technique, this plant box encourages faster initial rooting and creates offshoots with 2X growing rate. Also helps absorb more nutritions while keeping branches in place – Highly increases plant survival rate!

Air Layering Plant Boxes (3PCS)

With these boxes, you can propagate & clone more plants simply by planting snags inside with soil. Made of durable shell which protects fragile branches from rainstorm, windy & extreme hot weathers.


  • Amazing Air Layering Technique
    Replant new life from the cut stems of parent plants! Air layering globe encourages faster initial rooting and creates offshoots with 2X growing rate. It allows plants to absorb more nutritions within the globe – Highly increases plant survival rate & keeps your plants healthier & stronger than traditional air layering method

Air Layering Plant Boxes (3PCS)

Air Layering Plant Boxes (3PCS)

  • Propagation Without Seed
    Propagate & duplicate plants without using any seed. Insert the globe with soil on the branches, cut the branches after mature growth, and you can move the duplicated plant to another pot or anywhere

  • High Protection
    Stably fix weak stems in place inside the plant globe and prevent further damages from rainstorm, windy & extreme hot weathers

  • Balance Nutrition Input
    Perfect control of water & sunlight absorption 
  • Precise Design
    Designed with stoppers and 4 corner locks which interlock with each other and secure on the branch to hold the propagator in place even without a stem underneath

  • Easy to Use
    Just peel off outer layer, clip on the damaged stem with soil & water it as usual for around few days, roots will grow automatically

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