A380 Airbus EPO4 ducted large aircraft

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A380 Airbus EPO4 ducted large aircraft
A380 Airbus EPO4 ducted large aircraft


  • ✈ Body: 1430mm
  • ✈ Wing: 1520mm this A380 plane stability flight and easy to control for experts or beginner.
  • ✈ Guide fan: 500mm*4.
  • ✈ Infinite motor: 2827L/KV3200*4
  • ✈ Unlimited ESC: 11.1V/30A
  • ithium battery: 3300mah/11.1V/25C
  • Steering gear: 9g*5
  • Remote control distance: 1000m
  • Remote control: 2.4g four-channel remote control

Main Assembly is completed primarily with screws to attach the flying surfaces.  The full flying horizontal stabilizers’ metal shafts rotate within steel bearings for smooth operation, and their servos along with the aileron and flap servos are housed within plastic trays for easy removal and servicing.  As with the recent popular Freewing 80mm L-39, this Freewing 90mm A380 plane cockpit is also lined with thin plastic to resist heat damage to the darker cockpit surfaces.
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