4-IN-1 Bottle and Jar Opener

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4-IN-1 Bottle and Jar Opener
4-IN-1 Bottle and Jar Opener

This 4-IN-1 Bottle & Jar Opener can open a variety of sealed sizes! Quick and easy to use, won’t hurt your hand and will save your time and effort.

4-IN-1 Bottle and Jar Opener

Avoid opening the lid with a knife and risk hurting your hands. Will easily unscrew the screw caps with a simple twist! This tool is an essential kitchen gadget, will reduce the risk of injury and will give you comfort at the same time!

4-IN-1 Bottle and Jar Opener

Made with a stainless steel material, sturdy, soft, and has an ergonomic handle, provides a firm grip between can opener and lid. Ensure safety even when wet, ideal for weak hands.

4-IN-1 Bottle and Jar Opener


• Quick & Easy
Saves your time and effort, will easily to open cans, etc.

4-IN-1 Bottle and Jar Opener

• Ergonomic Handle
Has a non-slip handle, designed for comfortable gripping. Ideal for people with arthritic hands, elderly people, people with limited hand strength, people with long nails!

4-IN-1 Bottle and Jar Opener
• 4-in-1 Opener
Designed with a 4-in-1 opener feature, can easy to open cans, beverage bottles, seasoning cans, etc.

• Space Saving
Compact and has a hole for easy hanging, can be neatly store under cabinets, cabinets, counters or shelves, invisible, won’t take up valuable storage space in your kitchen!

• Widely Applicable
Very suitable for families, outdoor picnics, parties, beaches, etc. Can easily open, bottles, cans, jars like bottle caps, can lids, bean cans, pickle bottle caps, soda and soft drink bottles, hot sauce bottles, and more.

• High Quality
Made of high quality, food-grade PCV, durable, rust-proof and long lasting. This product has a soft handle holder that will comfortably grip the handle while using!

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