3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask


    3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask
    3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask

    Millie Darwin shared her experience using the 3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask

    3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask

    “Before using this 3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask, I was a definite midnight snack addict since I struggled to go asleep at night and ended up eating again. Because of this lifestyle, my body turned overweight. I’m glad I discovered about this device. I had such a pleasant night’s sleep when I wore it. I can get eight hours of sleep after taking this since it has relaxed my entire body and mind. I am more active when I wake up now thanks to this device, which has changed my life.”

    3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask

    Calm you mind and body while sleeping

    Clinically Proven

     According to a physiotherapist MD. Lowell Morel has written multiple papers about using visual nerve massage to improve various illnesses. According to his research, a 3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask can help lower intraocular pressure and the risk of getting glaucoma. The eye mask’s pressure and microcurrent soothe and quiet your eyes and mind. It relaxes you and prepares you for a good night’s sleep.

    What is Yintang Acupoints?

    YINTANG is found on the face, and is located at the glabella – the midpoint between the inner/medial ends of the eyebrows. Interestingly, this point is often instinctively massaged by many people in an attempt to relieve various discomforts of the face.

    As an acupuncture or acupressure point, Yin Tang has the power to:

    • Increase blood flow on the head
    • Calm and relieve anxiety, agitation or insomnia
    • Alleviate pain and headache

    How does 3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask works?

    3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask is an innovative ergonomic design with an eye shaped cup that puts ZERO strain on your eyes. Its relaxing microcurrent assists you in falling asleep more effortlessly. It targest yintang acupoints that gives maximum relaxing your nerves around the eye.

    3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask

    Body Detoxification while Sleeping

    Microcurrent pulses activate nerve fibers in the brain, causing them to produce signals that increase endorphin levels, relieving headaches and promoting excellent quality sleep. While sleeping, electrical impulse shock waves serve to improve the body’s detoxifying process allowing the brain to flush out toxins that build up during waking hours. 

    Micro current pulses help waste management system (called the glymphatic system) is a series of tubes that carry fresh fluid into the brain, mix the fresh fluid with the waste-filled fluid that surrounds the brain cells, and then flush the mix out of the brain and into the blood. This occurs primarily during deep sleep.

    Improves Blood Circulation

    Electrical stimulation is a method that enhances blood circulation, helps to oxygenate nerve tissue, and accelerates metabolic processes. 3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask stimulates your eyes while gently applying pressure to the correct area, allowing your eyes to rest completely.

    3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask

    Control Appetite

    The 3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask helps control the hypothalamus, which contains neurons that express pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) and cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART), both of which decrease appetite and increase energy expenditure, as well as neurons that express agouti-related protein.

    Put the Brain to Sleep Quickly

    Yin tang acupoints aid with sleep. Gentle pressure from the 3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask can cause the release of hormones that aid in sleep. According to the expert, applying micro-current to the eye, forehead area can aid in insomnia, falling asleep, and achieving deeper sleep.

    3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask

    What makes 3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask Special?

    • Helps fall asleep in minutes
    • Enhance the body’s detoxifying process while sleeping
    • Enhanced blood circulation aids in the removal of stored fat
    • Help control hunger/appetite
    • Yintang acupoints for comfortable and longer sleep
    • Natural headache relief
    • Reduce stress and anxiety

     Here are some of our happy customers

    “I worked as a manager at a 24-hour fast food restaurant. Most of my schedule was graveyard, and my struggle was sleeping during the day. Being overweight is one of my struggles too. I cant workout on a day coz instead of exercising, I need to sleep. “

    “I’ve been using this 3D Microcurrent AcuMassage Eye Mask. I think this is the best product for me because it helped me sleep peacefully, plus it detoxified my body and helped me reduce weight while I was sleeping. “

    “I’ve been using this for months, and I am having a good sleep after work. Here is my amazing result. I can feel my body being energized when waking up. This product helped me control my hunger, which is really difficult when working in a restaurant, but this product did help me! I am now fit and healthy, and I love my body’s shape now, unlike before. This is the best purchase for me!”

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