150W Portable Car Heater Defrosts Defogger

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    150W Portable Car Heater Defrosts Defogger
    150W Portable Car Heater Defrosts Defogger
    Within 30 seconds, you can heat the atmosphere of your car without having to wait for the engine to warm. Warm your winter, so you can safely and comfortably get on the road and get to your destination. If you’re delayed in a traffic incident, you can also stay warm without running the engine.



    Simply take it out of the box and plug into your cigarette lighter socket and switch to heat or fan(Make sure your car has a 12V lighter port). ( with a 180° rotary holder ).

    On top of having the choice to heat or cool yourself, you can also use this heater to defrost or defog a window. Mount it on your dash and defrost your window and because of its front design, you can heat the air in your car at the same time!

    Automobile demister can quickly solve the car glass fog. Quickly heats the air or used as a fan to cool you in the summer.

    Made with ABS material, this heater is not something that breaks easy.

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