11 Modes Portable Multifunction Mini LED Flashlight


Mini LED Flashlight
11 Modes Portable Multifunction Mini LED Flashlight


1. Material: PC+304 stainless steel, light and durable.

2. The barrel is as thin as a little finger, weighs only 18g, and can be easily carried on the key chain with zero burden.

3. Extremely bright mode brightness 400lm, energy-saving mode battery life 32 hours, meeting daily real-time lighting needs.

4. The side lamp has purple light, which can be used for daily currency check or fluorescent agent detection.

5. The tail has a magnetic suction function, combined with the warning flashing gear of the side light, it is adsorbed on the roof and other places, and becomes an emergency warning tool light.

6. Built-in 300mAh polymer lithium battery, through Type-C interface, it can be fully charged in 35 minutes.

7. This product integrates a variety of practical functions, is an ideal daily portable mini lighting tool

Charging indicator: bright red during charging, bright green when full

Main light gear: 5 gears (very bright gear-high light gear-medium light gear-low light gear-energy saving gear)

Main lamp life time: 2h/130 minutes/4h or less /32H (depending on the different gears used, the endurance time is different)

Mini LED Flashlight

Main light control method:

1. In the shutdown state, long press to turn on, and release to turn off

2. Double click to open, click to switch, long press to close

3. With memory function (the next time it is turned on and enters the position before shutdown)

Side light gear: 6 gears (white light-white light flashing-purple light-red light-red light flashing-red and blue flashing alternately)

Side light battery life: 133 minutes / 112 minutes / 90 minutes / 125 minutes / 140 minutes / 160 minutes (depending on the different gears used, the battery life is different)

Side light control method:

1. Three clicks to turn on, one click to switch, long press to turn off

2. With memory function (after 3 minutes of constant light, the gear before shutdown is memorized)

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