1080P HD Wireless Mini Camera


1080P HD Wireless Mini Camera
1080P HD Wireless Mini Camera

No need to pay a fortune for your security!

Are you worried about leaving your home because you have valuables in your house?

Don’t worry anymore, our 1080P HD Wireless Mini Camera offers you a real time surveillance from your smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Protects your house, shop. room, office, garden, car, kids.
  • Waterproof
  • Motion detector and night vision
  • Free App Valid on all mobile phones

1080P HD Wireless Mini Camera

Small but films in HD and has a 150° angle

Thanks to its 1080P and 150 Degree wide angle lens, the spy camera captures details clearly and give you a greater scope of view on everything that’s happening.

The compact design makes it easy to hide around anywhere like in the home or office. Perfect for monitoring an area, pets or children

Stream from anywhere atanytime

  • Microphone and speaker : Our mini camera has a built-in microphone and speaker. You can then communicate remotely with your pet, your children or simply dissuade a burglar.
  • Smart motion detector with alarm : Capture any thief, our 1080P HD Wireless Mini Camera has a built-in alarm that will warn you of any intrusion inside your home.
  • lnfrared night vision : 1080P HD Wireless Mini Camera can see human heat, animals, objects in the form of heat or thermal radiation at night. It offers a wide range of sequences so you can see everything on your phone or tablet.
  • USB Charged : Our 1080P HD Wireless Mini Camera is charged with the USB Cable included in the package. Can be used indefinitely. connected to the cable or 60 min without cable.
  • Works as a Normal Camera without WiFi: Insert a card and the camera will star tloop recording automatically. On the App you can change to motion activated or schedule recording. You can connect your phone to the camera’s own hotspot to live stream in the same time.
  • Use environment: rivers, forests, highways, railways, airports, ports, sentries, squares, parks, scenic spots, streets, stations, large venues, the periphery of communities, etc.
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